Apple, 12-inch MacBook Air coming soon

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Seven years after the launch of the first model, Apple seems to be ready to launch a new 12-inch MacBook Air model, according to rumors. Photos confirm it. Announcement expected by the second quarter of 2015.

After seven years since the launch of the first model, Apple seems to be ready to launch a new MacBook Air model, according to rumors.

It is expected that the Cupertino company is making a new Macbook Air that is thinner , lighter and with a 12-inch display .

The new computer is expected to be a cross between the 11-inch MacBook Air, which it will retain the form factor of, and the larger 13-inch model.

In order to make the 12-inch MacBook Air thinner and less heavy, Apple should eliminate the USB ports and the MagSafe connector on the sides of the body, in whose place it should be added a single USB type C port , which will also serve for the battery charge.

Apple, 12-inch MacBook Air coming soon

The photos leaked together with the specifications, in addition to confirming the existence of a new panel larger than the 11-inch one and smaller than the 13-inch one, show the laptop lid, i.e. the back part of the monitor of the new MacBook Air .

Screen aside, the design of the 12-inch MacBook Air is compared in the photos with that of a MacBook Pro and an iPad. What you notice are the edges reduced to the maximum compared to the current MacBook Air models, while the rear logo will no longer be illuminated.

One piece of information still remains unknown: will the display have Retina resolution or not?

According to analysts, Apple could launch the new laptop during the second quarter of the year.

Published: 2015-01-27From: Redazione

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