Apple also scraps Android and Windows in Italian stores

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From Monday 30 March 2015 in Italian Apple Stores it will be possible to scrap smartphones from other manufacturers, both Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Apple is thus expanding the existing in-store 'reuse and recycling' program to encourage users who own a competing smartphone to switch to a new iPhone.

The program involves a customer bringing their smartphone to an Apple store and the store employee – who has followed a special course for evaluating terminals – makes an immediate estimate of the value of the device. If the customer accepts the estimate, the credit can be used immediately as a discount for the purchase of a new iPhone or iPad.

Apple has also trained employees so that they can help users transition from Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry to iOS, choosing the tariff plan best suited to their needs and transferring the contact book, setting up emails and downloading applications.

“In the event that the smartphone is not deemed eligible for credit,” Apple will ensure that “it is recycled responsibly on behalf of the customer.”

Apple originally launched the iPhone scrappage program in mid-2013 to encourage owners of older iPhone models to upgrade to the then-newer iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. To date, the reuse and recycling program is part of Apple's commitment to protecting the environment and also includes identifying the most efficient methods for reusing or recycling electronic equipment at the end of their life cycle, including iPhones, iPad, Mac or PC computers and monitors from any manufacturer.

By making the scrapping of phones from other manufacturers available, Apple is implementing a very aggressive marketing strategy to increase sales of its phones in its stores.

Published: 2015-03-30From: Redazione

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