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In Yosemite you can set a dialect as the system language: in Italy you can choose between Neapolitan and Sicialian.

One of the innovations that Apple has decided to integrate into its next Yosemite operating system is the possibility of setting the most common dialects as the system language, and for Italy Neapolitan and Sicialian have been chosen.

To tell the truth, they are not two dialects chosen at random: the Neapolitan and Sicilian dialects are, as established by UNESCO, two mother languages and, as such, are protected as a world heritage site.

To enable one of the dialects as the default language of the next Yosemite operating system, simply go to 'Control Panel' > 'Language and Region' and choose Italian from the list of items first, then select ' ' at the bottom left and choose your favorite dialect.

However, Italian will remain the main language, as to be able to use one of the dialects, applications capable of recognizing the language will be needed.


Published: 2014-09-02From: Redazione

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