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Apple has begun rolling out the public beta of its new Mac operating system, 'Yosemite'.

Taking its name from the Sierra Nevada park, the layout of the new 'Yosemite' operating system for MAC is very reminiscent of iOS 7. And it is no coincidence, given that Apple wants to bring the experience of using its operating systems on desktop and mobile closer together .

In 'Yosemite' the icons are simplified, there are more animations and more transparencies, together with the 'dark mode' for those who don't like the bright colors of the iPhone and iPad displays. Among the new features of OS

Another new feature introduced in 'Yosemite' is Maildrop, dedicated to very large emails, over 5 Gigabit, while the new 'iCloud Drive' allows you to archive files and access them from various devices.

Apple has also updated its Safari browser, which according to the Cupertino giant is up to 6.5 times faster than competing browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, has an enhanced search function and is optimized for streaming video.

Finally, there's Handoff which turns your Mac into a 'phone' making it possible to view and interact with text messages and phone calls: you can answer the phone and messages directly on your MAC. It also allows you to continue working on the same project by switching from one device to another with extreme simplicity.

For those who want to try the new operating system, 'Yosemite' for MAC is free and available today in public beta.

Published: 2014-07-24From: Redazione

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