Masque Attack, the new vulnerability for iPhone and iPad

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Masque Attack discovered, a vulnerability for Apple devices that replaces official apps with copies capable of stealing sensitive user data.

A new threat has been found for iPhone and iPad users, the second in as many weeks. After the discovery of the ' WireLurker ' malware, which in China managed to infect iPhones and iPads that were connected to the Mac, FireEye researchers discovered a vulnerability that allows original apps to be replaced with malicious software, copies of the original ones. The nickname given to this vulnerability is ' Masque Attack '.

For the most attentive, it is difficult to be affected by Masque Attack, as the malicious software is spread through links contained in web pages or received via email or text messages, which invite you to download applications from sources other than the official App Store.

Not only devices with ' jailbreak ' can be 'attacked', i.e. those modified by the user with the aim of being able to install any type of compatible app freely and without restrictions, but also devices without 'jailbreak', on which install beta apps even if not downloaded from the official store.

FireEye said that Masque Attack is dangerous for approximately 95 percent of all Apple mobile devices currently in use , which are therefore potentially vulnerable. What may seem like an update to an email or mobile banking app can actually become a source of personal data theft.

How to protect yourself? To prevent 'Masque Attack' attacks, you can defend yourself by not installing applications that do not come from the App Store and which are reported as coming from untrustworthy sources or developers.

Published: 2014-11-11From: Redazione

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