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Apple removed the word free from the App Store and replaced it with 'Get' in order to be more transparent with consumers.

Apple has replaced the word “free” in free apps and games in its App Store. The word has been replaced with "get" and the change is a consequence of Apple's desire to be more transparent towards its users because not all 'free' applications are truly free.

By entering the App Store from today on both smartphones and PCs or Macs you can see the new buttons next to the listed applications. “Free” disappears and we notice “get,” so Apple will make it clear that "you can download it for free, but there may be some in-app purchases inside."

Apple had to take measures regarding the transparency of categorizing completely free applications, those with paid ones and the middle ground with in-app purchases. In fact, more and more users have complained about unwanted charges on their credit cards, cases which mainly concern parents who let their children use the devices who, often involuntarily, make in-app purchases. Apple has sought to calm users' hot spirits by refunding unwanted charges, and today's move is a further step towards transparency.

For a few weeks, so-called "freemium" apps have specified in their description whether or not it is possible to make in-app purchases, so as to warn users and parents. Furthermore, with the introduction of iOS 8, Apple has introduced further controls in the purchase phase to prevent minors from purchasing something without their parents' knowledge via Family Sharing.

Google has long declared that in its Play Store those with in-app purchases would no longer be listed among free games, also setting as a default that for each in-app purchase you must enter a password, which means that if you want avoid entering a password for each purchase, it is the user himself who must deactivate the option.

Published: 2014-11-20From: Redazione

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