Apple, scrapping of iPhone and iPad also in Italy

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The possibility of scrapping iPhones and iPads in Apple Stores to buy a new device thanks to a cash incentive of a maximum of 220 euros is also arriving in Italy.

The Cupertino company, after launching a year ago in the United States, the program that will allow Italian owners of iPhone and iPad to change their iDevices with a more recent generation model.

In practice, it will be possible to bring your old iPhone or iPad to one of the Italian Apple Stores, receive an immediate evaluation from the staff and immediately use any incentive for the purchase of a new device. In the store, customers will also be able, if interested, to immediately connect the new product. No need to make an appointment, just come in and ask.

The money received with the incentive can only be used to buy the same product listed in the store: with an iPad you can only have a new iPad, with an iPhone only another iPhone. Other Apple products on sale in stores, such as Macs, are excluded from the program.

The program aims to support the environmentally sustainable disposal of devices that are no longer used.

Published: 2014-06-30From: Redazione

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